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History and Development

The pharmaceutical warehouse K.45 Vinh Quang, under the Health Committee of the Central Part, was established in October 1968, serving as the precursor to the current Central pharmaceutical joint stock company N.3. In its initial phase, the company's primary mission was to supply and distribute medicines, medical equipment, diagnostic chemicals, etc., from the Northern region to the Southern region to support medical services for the V battlefield.

On February 3, 1976, the Minister of Health issued decision No. 82/BYT-QĐ to establish the First-class General Pharmaceutical Company - Da Nang, operating under the leadership of the Viet Nam Union of Pharmaceutical Enterprises. Its primary mission was to function as an economically independent accounting unit, engaging in the business of new drugs, medicinal materials, pharmaceutical materials, chemicals, and medical equipment, as well as the production of herbal medicines. The goal was to distribute and serve the healthcare needs of the people in the provinces belonging to the former Zone 5.

On June 5, 1985, the company name changed to Central Medicinal Materials Company III, as per decision No. 534/BYT-QĐ issued by the Ministry of Health. It was tasked with the production and business of new drugs, chemicals, medical equipment, etc. Additionally, the company participated in the PAM program, supplying and providing medicines and medical equipment for epidemic prevention and disaster relief efforts in the provinces of Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands.

Having undergone numerous ups and downs and several name changes with different business structures, it was successively known as Central Pharmaceutical Company No.III (April 20, 1993), Central Pharmaceutical N.3 Company Limited (June 29, 2010). On October 15, 2014, the Ministry of Health approved the plan for equitization and transformation into a joint-stock company for Central Pharmaceutical N.3 Company Limited. Following a process involving various conversion activities, the company successfully organized its first shareholders' general meeting on March 12, 2015, and obtained the certificate of business registration as a joint-stock company on March 25, 2015, with the name Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company N.3.