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GSP Warehouse

Being aware of the importance of preserving and storing pharmaceutical products in the right way, Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company N.3 has actively constructed and operated a warehouse that meets GSP standards since the 2000s. The latest certification of “Good storage practices" was approved by the Drug Administration of Vietnam and the Ministry of Health on May 13, 2022.

The GSP warehouse in the manufacturing plant has a total capacity of up to 817 m2, divided into two distinct storage areas:

  • The storage room is kept at a normal temperature of 150C to 300C and is divided into different areas: Material receiving area, storage area, and shipping area. In addition, the products in the storage room are all housed in pallet racks, which help to make the best use of space and increase operational productivity. Each pallet can hold approximately 1.5 m3 and the maximum total capacity can be up to 500 pallets.
  • The cold storage warehouse has a total dimension of 12.88 m2, with a refrigerated storage temperature of 20°C to 80°C. The maximum capacity of this area is approximately 10 pallets.
  • With many years of experience in the control and operation of the warehouse, we are proud to work with the Ministry of Health and the Health Authority to implement the national plan for the storage and allocation of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. In addition, we actively run sharing warehouse programs with other pharmaceutical companies to optimize all available space in the GPS warehouse.